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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  March 17, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> why did he do this? how could she do this? >> rough childhood. i don't know if she was abused because we were in foster care and stuff. i don't know what was going on. >> reporter: william and muhammad have her brother and sister, as she sits in jail accused of killing her infant and burying him in the park her family is left with hurt. >> it was my nephew. not only it was my nephew it is my sister. this is my blood. this is not someone i just walked up and met on the street. this is family. >> reporter: family is a bond they know can be fragile. split up when they were children, each spent their own childhood in different foster homes. thatbility, theystand is small.
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they fear she went the wrong path. she had four children ages three to seven taken away from her in the past. her family felt this time would be different. she a good person who admittedly make a bad choice. that angers them as much, if not more than anyone. >> i'm not saying it was right. i'm defendantly not saying it was right. i'm upset with my sister. >> reporter: her family has yet to visit her in jail to get the straight answer. they suspect he suffers from mental illness and hopes the courts test for it. it is the only possible reason for such a horrid choice by their sister they now see went down a disturbing path. in west baltimore brian keebler abc 2 news. >> the family is working on
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funeral arrangements for the instant nephew. her four other children remain in foster care but will make an effort to be involved in their lives. we'll have more tonight at 11:00. the city is making cuts to offset the possible $121 million budget deficit. today major stephanie rawlings blake released a glimpse of the new city's budget. the mayor cut over $576,000 out of her own office budget. some of the cuts include 13% salary reduction in the executive direction and control program. that's the largest within the mayor's office. reduction in the mayor's need of vehicles and elimination of the mayor's office of international affairs. next week the finance department will present a preliminary budget proposal to the board of estimates. police and sheriff's deputies shut down the courthouse this morning-a mail room worker discovered outletsenning letter.
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police blocked the street securing the building allowing no one in or out as hazmat teams investigating fire officials saying a person screamed when they seen the incoming letter. >> they had gone inside and gotten all the packages. it is a package similar to what we received the other day in the same location. this particular package has been touchdown. there is nothing biological as far as hazmat crews are concerned. everything has been negative. >> investigators confirmed that today. suspicious letter did contain a bullet and white powderlike the letter discovered the courthouse on monday. auctions ended on ebay for three items used as evidence against former mayor sheila dixon. the auction of two fur coat and
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a camcorder ended this afternoon. auction for the x-box will end tomorrow afternoon. highiest bid for the x-box is $3,000. mink coat the got $2400. fur jacket received $1700. camcorder's highiest bid was $510. tonight the reward is being increased for information to locate a missing baltimore county woman. authorities say the 24-year-old was last seen february 21. she was heading to meet someone. a $4500 reward is being offered for information on whether she might be. >> detectives don't have a lot to work with. we don't know where she's at. this is out contractor for her. >> if you have any information call the baltimore county police. a crash in baltimore county this morning involving two school buses and another vehicle. it happened around 7:00 at hazel wood and kenwood avenue.
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five children and one adult were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. in annapolis state senators vote to increase maryland's dropout age from 16 to 18. the change is dependant on the governor funding that measure. provisions of the bill could cost $48 million in the first year alone. the measure now moves to the house. if you don't have it already you may soon be receiving the 2010 since survey. since scam artists try to work off something that's current in the news that people don't fully understand that makes the census a prime target. here's what you should look out for. it has a total of ten questions. none should ask you for bank account information, credit card number or social security number. keep in mind that the census will never contact you by e-mail. also, census officials want to know your information will remain confidential. >> i can guarantee everyone, because of strong confidentiality laws that your
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answers go nowhere other than the census bureau. not to any enforcement agency, not to your landlord. not to the irs. >> the last time the population was couldn'ted about 72% of households returned their forms. if you don't mail back the sent virus forms the u.s. census worker where knock on your door, they'll have a badge and bag and confidentiality notice. have to see their i.d. or badge before answering any questions. if someone shows up at your door without a badge call police. let's look at the camera at the inner harbor. even though spring doesn't start until saturday we are getting a preview. as the gorgeous day out there. hopefully the warm weather will continue. >> fantastic weather outside this evening. longer sunsets being appreciated now. we'll keep nice days around. let's look at the temperatures out there.
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still this evening even past 6:00 we are hanging on to 67 down in washington. 6 of bwi marshall. downtown still feeling like close to 70. we hit 70 today in many spots across maryland. we'll show you those coming up. for now watching cloud cover pushing into virginia. that part of the southern storm that will mainly effect north carolina and skirt just south of maryland keeping nice weather this evening and really into the next few days. clear skies. stays mild and pleasant in the 60s. eventually into the 50s for st. patrick's day 2010. we'll talk about the weekend ahead coming up. it is a mixed bag. nice to start off. not as nice to finish. that's coming up. if you plan on going out tonight and celebrating st. patrick's day day a a a mid atlantic and yellow cab want to make sure you get home safely. they'll offer free rides as part of the tipsy taxi program.
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the only catch is you have to be celebrating in a baltimore county restaurant or bar. it covers fares up to $50. they say age is just a state of mind. as we get older there is one important thing you can do to feel younger. check this out. going to library to get your groceries? it is a new program in the area. we'll show you how it works. 9ñ9ñ
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whether or not the votes are there now democrats are voicing confidence they'll be able to pass the healthcare bill. they are hearing more gop criticism for considering a procedure that will let the measure pass out a district vote. how majority leader who represents maryland's fifth district defended the legislative maneuvering. >> this is a procedure, by the way, that was used 100 times under newt gingrich and over another hundred times. most of the time it was supported if not all of the time. this is not an unusual procedure. >> comprehensive legislation could affect every american from those undergoing annual checkups to people facing major surgery. democrat leaders hope to vote this weekend. age process can take a big toll on our mu . muscles.
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stability is key to staying fit. >> reporter: regular exercise does more than help with weight control. it is essential for flexibility. natural way or body ages is to become tighter and tighter with every year. that's what started happening to 43-year-old lee graham. even though he work out his muscles started feeling different. >> as i gotten older it has been more creeky. i find it more difficult these days to start stretching because i find myself hurting. >> reporter: dr. wright, author of fitness after 40 says it promotes good book circulation and helps prevent injuries. as people age they may notice a stiffness in muscles on joints. >> our tissues crinkle. which means tendons in a relaxed state live like an accordian, all bound up. we have to help them unwind to
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function well. >> reporter: experts say that means warming up muscles first then stretching. it worked for lee. he's injury-free and stronger than ever. it is so beautiful out there. the tower cam in the inner harbor is nice. we'll keep this going sunday into monday. things take a turn for the worse. until then looking great. the last several day of winter better than the first two day of spring. that sounds good sometimes. let's look outside. beautiful night. a lot of people out there on
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foot jogging, running, walking, you name it. 66 degrees. a gorgeous evening inbaltimoree baltimore. really all across maryland and the mid atlantic. i want to show you a different view from the maryland science center. look at the people on the dock. i want to show you this. fantastic sunrise at chesapeake beach earlier this morning. ewith had sunshine all day long. some temperatures impressive. well into the low 70s. 71 stevenson. 70 ellicott city. clarksville was up to 71 earlier today. temperatures have cooled off. not dramatically. we are in the low to mid 60s. it will take a while before we are in the mid 50s. much of the evening a light jacket will be all you need. we were in the mid 50s 30s this morning. then a rebound of 30-plus degrees. that's what the sunshine did
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today. it warmed things up. as good as this mild stretch of weather has been there has been a weather woe with all the snow mel. we have a little bit of coastal flood concerns. western chesapeake along the edge of the water. coastal flood advisory for the low-lying tidal areas. watch out for the high tides. other than that fantastic weather statewide. not much going on. cloud cover sneaking into virginia beach towards cape charles, virginia. as we look off to the south toward the carolinas we are seeing rain. this is a decent rainstorm. it looks like it will continue to track to our south. we'll probably get a few clouds in here tonight early tomorrow. big time high pressure, big dome of sinking air should hold the stormy weather to the south
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of baltimore and south of maryland. forecast model showing that. rain showers moving up through cape hatteras. we are nice and sunny and clear. last of the storm pushes offshore friday. behind it is nothing. that means more sunshine and great weather toward the weekend. tonight 38 clear and cold. tomorrow through the day a rebound up to 69 at bwi marshall. warmer downtown. we should make 70 no problem in downtown baltimore. tomorrow clear and dry down to 40. quick check of the weekend forecast. here is the outlook. 71 friday. 73 on saturday. we bring in the showers and cooler weather as we officially kick offspring sunday into monday. baltimore city health department is launching the virtual supermarket program. it allows residents in and around east baltimore and in the washington village neighborhood to order groceries on line at the locallibrary. we went to check it out.
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>> reporter: today seniors were learning how to shop and use a virtual grocery store. for someone like yvon who is raising grandchildren getting enough fruits and vegetables is important and difficult. >> i have to go twice to get everything i need. i might as well go once and get half of my stuff. then i have to bring it home and get bactine bus to get the rest of it. >> reporter: this is the service for elderly, disabled and those without transportation and can't get to the markets in the city. >> we know in the city of baltimore there are what are called food deserts. we know people have difficulty accessing fresh, healthy foods. here the health department provides the computer. we provide a staff person for the online ordering. >> reporter: terry summer
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recently lost her grocery store and got excited when she discovered a store she can count on. >> i ordered a few things off the top of my head. doesn't get better than that. now the health department is hoping that if this program is successful it will lead to a partnership with more grocery stores and the expansion into other areas of baltimore city. let's take a live look at the inner harbor.
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national help for the baltimore high school. it is among six in the u.s. to
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receive funds from the federal department of labor. they'll get a $3.4 million to reduce violence and improve educational outcome. the school has been deemed persistently dangerous. stocks closed up as investors grow confident that interest rates will stay at their current levels. dow stands at the highiest point in 18 months. if you have not checked out or financial survival guide lately you may want to take a new look. on our website today a dozen i- phone apps to save you money and time. plus, take back control of your spend with some expenses that quietly suck money at of your accounts. six places where you can ask for a better deal. log on to so you already have your census form. tonight at 11:00 you won't believe what it can cost you if you don't fill it completely or
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if you fib on a question. city leaders are backing off the official push for plastic bag piece. what baltimore folks plan to do now. those story and more tonight after "ugly betty." orioles spring training action birds left the bats in the clubhouse today in a 4-1 loss. jason allowed three runs in three innings in the first start of the spring. o's were just held to two hits on the da . they are back in action tomorrow again the blue jays. >> happy birthday to you. >> today the major got an early start to her 40th birthday. stephanie rawlings blake took part in a early morning run from the back on my feet program which is also celebrating a birthday today. one year in baltimore. non-profit promotes homeless population by engaging them in running as a means to build confidence, strength and self
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esteem. >> i said there is nothing like a screaming reminder that you are 40. when i think about running the whole experience about running is you don't end up where you started. we don't have to be in any one place. we don't have to end up being any one thing. it is a journey. it looks like you are not making this journey alone. >> at the end of the run, hopefuls gave a big donation to support the cause. she said it was an honor to share her big day with the honorable group. last check of the seven-day forecast. beautiful day coming up tomorrow. 70 into the weekend. looking good out there. we are looking good, too. that's it for abc news at 6:00. i'll roosevelt leftwich. thank you for joining us. we'll be back here at 11:00.
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